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My Morning Skincare Routine Choose Beauty That's Natural!

Choose Beauty That's Good on the Outside Without Compromising Your Health on the Inside.


So I thought I would share my current all natural skincare routine with you! There are so many great affordable natural skincare alternatives out there & mines is one of them ;)

Products used:

Oshun Herbal Skincare Collection

Face Wash- Gentle, nourishing, and invigorating facial wash for oily and normal skin, it also makes and effective anti-bacterial hand soap and hand wash. Works for back acne as well.

Deep Cleansing Astringent- Water based agent used to remove cleanser residue, balance pH, and hydrate the skin. Also, effective at removing excess oil.

AntiBlemish Elixir- Specifically designed to zap subsurface acne bacteria, ridding skin of irritating toxins. Excellent for infected ingrown hairs. Also, heat for soothing itchy bug bites.

Regenerating Flower Cream - Exotically aromatic essential oils and rosehip seed base oil are healing, nourishing and act as cellular regenerators


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