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The Perfect PH Balance for Natural Haircare & Skincare!

pH is a value that indicates how acid or alkaline an aquaous blend is, by measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. The higher the concentration of these hydrogen ions, the lower the pH is and consequently, the lower the concentration of the hydrogen ions, the higher the pH is.⁣ You will need to check the pH of any formulation that contains water, such as toners, emulsions, shampoos, body washes and more.⁣ pH control is very important in a formulation. Not only does the pH of a product need to be compatible with the formulation and its purpose but it also needs to work with the skin’s physiology and the preservation system of the formula.⁣ Particularly in natural and organic cosmetics, where you work with hydrosols, plant extracts and naturally derived preservatives, the pH of the system has a large impact on the stability and efficacy of the ingredients and the overall product itself. 

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