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Prenatal diagnosis of intrauterine growth retardation and monosomy 21. In most cases, the prenatal diagnosis of intrauterine growth retardation is straightforward if there are karyotypic abnormalities or other known causes of intrauterine growth retardation. However, some cases remain unexplained or suspected to be genetic in origin. The present paper illustrates such a case. It concerns a 25-year-old woman who was referred for prenatal diagnosis at 19 weeks' gestation because of a large fetal femur and hyperplastic liver on ultrasound scan. Amniocentesis was performed and karyotyping revealed monosomy 21. At 23 weeks' gestation the fetus was diagnosed with cystic hygroma. Subsequent ultrasonography showed a large, intrauterine growth-retarded fetus. Postmortem examination confirmed the diagnosis of intrauterine growth retardation and cystic hygroma. This case illustrates the important role of prenatal cytogenetic evaluation in cases of unexplained or suspected intrauterine growth retardation, irrespective of the patient's age.Evaluation of skin and soft-tissue infections. A variety of clinical evaluations have been used to study the skin and soft tissues (SSTs). In skin infections, measurements of the skin lesion, wound secretion and wound size have been used. These measurements may be inadequate or inaccurate if they are not standardized or made quickly. A histologic examination of a wound is an accurate method of determining the depth of the infection; however, it is time-consuming. Despite its obvious benefit, a histologic examination is used rarely. Unwanted and undesirable effects of antibiotics on the SST should be avoided because a drug must be used for the full duration of therapy to obtain maximum efficacy.Theresa May is under pressure to hold a second vote on her Brexit deal to strengthen Britain’s hand in negotiations with Brussels. Sky News has been told that both the Foreign Secretary and Brexit Secretary have “expressed a view” that the Prime Minister should put her deal to a second vote at this week’s Queen’s Speech. Ms May is to deliver the Queen’s Speech in the Commons on Wednesday setting out her government’s legislative programme for the next parliamentary session. Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement has been rejected three times by MPs who have preferred a no-deal outcome. Under the Benn Act, the Prime Minister now has until 12 April to seek a delay

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